There are 3 types of pregnancy ultrasound services that we provide

4D Ultrasound, Gender Determination, and Pregnancy Confirmation

(1) Pregnancy Confirmation - Ultrasound-based pregnancy confirmation

At-home pregnancy tests are only somewhat accurate. Confirming you’re pregnant using ultrasound, however, is far more accurate because it is a visual based approach (you literally see if there’s a baby in the womb or not).

(2) Gender Determination - 99.99% ultra-accurate ultrasound-based gender check

We offer ultrasound-based gender determination, from approximately 14 weeks of pregnancy. Ultrasound-based gender determination is very accurate, because it is visual (just like pregnancy confirmations). 

(3) 4D Ultrasound - See your unborn baby in the womb

3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound sessions allow you to see your unborn baby in the womb. Most customers who came in for Gender Determination sessions come back for multiple 4D ultrasound sessions to see their baby at a later stage of pregnancy, and to capture multiple stages of pregnancy. 

Prenatal Ultrasound of Glendale poster

There is only one way to be a licensed sonographer in the United States - that's through the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS)