Updated packages! Check them out now.
Updated packages! Check them out now.
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4D Ultrasound Consulting & Training

We know the 4D ultrasound business incredibly well, and we’ve succeeded in it – in the ultra-competitive SoCal 4D ultrasound market, we have been profitable for two decades. Business is hard here, as employee/labor costs are extremely high and the competition is truly the fiercest in the United States when it comes to 4D ultrasound and the 4D imaging industry. This is the home of 4D ultrasound, and we were one of the first ones to start it all back in 2006 with our 4D studio in Glendale, CA. 

We love 4D ultrasound and we love this business, so we want to help others in thinking about 4D ultrasound – whether that means

  • someone thinking of opening up a 4D ultrasound studio as a main thing, 
  • a 4D ultrasound group having trouble and needing advice,
  • someone thinking about going to ultrasound school and wanting to know more about the business and 4D paths for this interesting field, to 
  • providing advice/guidance/consulting to anyone interested in potentially acquiring an ultrasound facility (eg. valuation services, market analysis, third-party sanity check, etc.).
The first step to working with us is to book an initial consultation – it’s $550 and it’s 30 min. During that time we’ll introduce ourselves and we’ll learn a lot about you. We’ll use that information to (1) determine whether we’re a good fit for each other to work together on whatever you need help with and (2) generate a 1 pg. summary report on our conversation, and any advice/guidance we are able to provide. 

In some cases, you have a very specific question and the 30 min session is enough. We love those cases. If not, see our rate lists below:

  • Initial Consultation Fee (30 min.) | $550
  • Standard – Hourly Rate | $250
  • Complex – Hourly Rate | $350
  • Ultrasound Training – Hourly Rate | $750

**We’ll help you, quickly and effectively – here’s why it makes sense to work with us**

  1. Two decades in the 4D ultrasound industry
  2. Expertise in all aspects of the 4D ultrasound business, including finance and market analysis
  3. Single business, demonstrating longevity and an understanding of how to do well in this business, including managing costs, ensuring revenue is sufficient, and mitigating/managing risks
  4. Low up front cost ($550 initial consultation + report) to see if it makes sense for us to work with you and to see if we’re a good fit to work with each other
  5. Involvement from entire mybaby4D team, including non-active partners who have expertise/knowlege in non-operational/day-to-day aspects of the business (eg. finance, credit, ultrasound machines, marketing, competitive analysis, pricing analysis, risk analysis, etc.) that are needed in order of any new 4D ultrasound venture to succeed