Updated packages! Check them out now.
Updated packages! Check them out now.
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Ultrasound-based pregnancy checks and confirmations in Los Angeles

Ultrasound-based (2D ultrasound) pregnancy checks and/or confirmations are a quick, easy, and safe way to find out if you’re pregnant or not. At-home pregnancy tests simply aren’t that accurate, and and a pregnancy test/check using ultrasound is a very reliable way to determine if you are pregnant. We have same-day appointments available for our ultrasound pregnancy check/confirmation session, and the entire appointment usually takes only a few minutes.

We’ve had many thousands of women from Los Angeles and the surrounding area come through our doors to know — for sure — whether they are pregnant or not. There are many reasons you many want to know ASAP whether you are having a baby, and we are able to tell you the answer in just a few minutes using RDMS-based/licensed ultrasound techniques/practices. 

Read more on our pregnancy check/confirmation ultrasound session below, or give us a call at (818) 243-7010 if you have any other questions, want more information, or would like to schedule your ultrasound appointment. 

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Pregnancy testing using 2D ultrasound is generally more accurate than an at-home pregnancy test

Generally, a pregnancy test/confirmation using ultrasound will be more accurate than a urine-based at-home pregnancy test. This is because at-home pregnancy tests use chemicals/bio-markers in the potentially expecting mother’s urine to guess at whether she is pregnant or not. With a 2D ultrasound that is looking to see whether you are pregnant or not, an RDMS licensed ultrasound technician will be using visual information (eg. actually looking inside the womb to see if there’s a baby inside) to make a determination regarding pregnancy status.

In effect, it comes down to whether there is a baby in the womb or not (or multiple babies in the case of twins, triplets, etc.). This makes it quite simple, as ultrasound-based imaging allows a trained sonographer/ultrasound tech to easily see if there is a baby present. 

An additional but more minor factor is user and/or manufacturing error with at-home pregnancy test. Although well-meaning potential mothers-to-be do try to follow at-home-pregnacy test instructions, there exists the possibly of incorrectly using the pregnancy test, incorrectly reading the pregnancy test, or something being off (unlikely) with the chemical/manufacturing of the pregnancy test. At-home pregnancy tests have been incredibly useful — they have allowed generations of women to get critical information about their pregnancy status — but an ultrasound-based test/check provides an extra level of comfort for those women who just need to know now, and need to know for sure. 

Minimum number of weeks for a pregnancy check ultrasound

Unlike with gender determination (where there’s a min number of weeks pregnant you need to be), there’s not hard and fast rule for pregnancy confirmations. As soon as the baby is visible in the womb via ultrasound, we are able to determine/confirm whether you’re pregnant or not. Sometimes, you may be pregnant but the fetus is just to small to see – if that’s the case, we may invite you back for a re-check session, almost always at no cost. 

Pregnancy check ultrasound cost

Pregnancy checks are just $60 at mybaby4D Glendale – Prenatal Ultrasound of Glendale. You can see all of our ultrasound packages and prices on our packages page, including pregnancy confirms, gender determination, and various 4D ultrasound sessions. 

Providing prenatal ultrasound services to Los Angeles, Ventura County, Orange County, and Riverside since 2006

If you’d like to view our prices, you can do that on our ultrasound packages page – there, you’ll find our full suite of prenatal ultrasound packages. You can also give us a call at (818) 243-7010 if you have any questions, or if you’d like to schedule your prenatal ultrasound appointment by phone. Or, schedule online below. 

We’ve been serving expecting mothers and their friends/families across Los Angeles County, Ventura County, Riverside County, and Orange County for 2 decades, and we’re looking forward to helping you see your unborn baby in the womb too.