Pregnancy Confirmation/Test in Southern California, using ultrasound-based techniques

pregnant woman thinking

Is ultrasound-based pregnancy testing more accurate than an at-home pregnancy test?

Generally, a pregnancy test/confirmation using ultrasound will be more accurate than a urine-based at-home pregnancy test. This is because at-home pregnancy tests use chemicals/bio-markers in the potentially expecting mother’s urine to guess at whether she is pregnant or not. With a 2D ultrasound that is looking to see if you are pregnant or not, we’ll be using visual information (eg. actually looking inside the womb to see if there’s a baby inside). 

How soon can you tell if I'm pregnant or not?

Unlike with gender determination (where there’s a min number of weeks pregnant you need to be), there’s not hard and fast rule for pregnancy confirmations. As soon as the baby is visible in the womb via ultrasound, we are able to determine/confirm whether you’re pregnant or not. 

How much does a pregnancy confirmation cost?

Pregnancy checks are just $60 at mybaby4D Glendale – Prenatal Ultrasound of Glendale. You can see all of our ultrasound packages and prices on our packages page, including pregnancy confirms, gender determination, and various 4D ultrasound sessions.