Updated packages! Check them out now.
Updated packages! Check them out now.
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mybaby4D Guarantee

100% Effort Guarantee

Since 2006, we have been providing premier, quality, and ARDMS licensed elective ultrasound services to the Southern California community, and to visitors from across the globe. The mybaby4D Guarantee comes with all our packages, and it’s a guarantee that we will do our best (100% effort on our part)  to get great results, whether that means getting good 4D ultrasound pics to accurately determining your unborn baby’s gender, etc. 

Although ultrasound depends on a variety of factors, including body fat percentage, placenta-related factors, the baby’s position, etc., we will do our 100% best to obtain results for our customers. Whether that means

  • taking extra time beyond the allotted – We often take extra time beyond the time allotted in our ultrasound packages, especially for our 4D ultrasound sessions. We’re not limited due to time, and we will reschedule you to come back if we’re having a particularly difficult session. 
  • rescheduling when needed – Especially for early gender determination sessions, we are willing to schedule follow-up visits to ensure we’re able to determine your unborn baby’s gender accurately. With a 99.99% accuracy rate, we’re the most-accurate early gender determination facility in CA. 
  • going above and beyond – We have always gone above and beyond to ensure our customers’ satisfaction.  Your ultrasound session will be no exception to a multi-decade track record of performing quality ARDMS licensed ultrasounds to the highest standards and with the most-complete focus on quick, safe, and effective elective ultrasound session results, from ultra-accurate early gender checks to 4D prenatal bonding sessions