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Updated packages! Check them out now.
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Early Gender Determination in Los Angeles via Ultrasound-based Imaging

Early gender determination using ultrasound-based imaging (2D ultrasound) allows you to know whether you’re having a boy or a girl as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy (14 weeks is more typical). Ultrasound-based imaging allows a trained/experienced RDMS licensed sonographer to quickly determine your baby’s gender. Our gender determination session allows you to affordable and quickly find out your baby’s gender – with same-day appointments available, you can get an ultrasound and answer that all important question ASAP. 

We also are experienced in secret gender reveals. Today, most expecting mothers who come in for early gender check ultrasounds are planning to do some sort of secret gender reveal party/gathering. As such, we have to ensure that we accurately determine the baby’s gender while making sure the expecting mother (and her friends/family if she brings them along) don’t inadvertently see the ultrasound image of the gender/sex part. We take special precautions for secret gender reveal ultrasound sessions to ensure that the gender stays secret. Read more on this below. 

Tens of thousands of expecting mothers have come to our prenatal studio/imaging center in Los Angeles for gender check sessions. Whether you are 12 weeks pregnant and just can’t wait to find out if you’re having a boy or a girl, or you are 22 weeks pregnant and your doctor’s office still hasn’t been able to tell you the gender, we are here for you. With same-day appointments often available, we can provide you with a quirk, safe, and affordable gender determination ultrasound session, so you can find out your baby’s gender as soon as you want to know. 

If you have any further questions about our Los Angeles gender check ultrasound sessions, or if you’re ready to schedule your session, give us a call at (818) 243-7010. We’re standing by and ready to assist and we look forward to hearing from you. 

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Ultrasound-based gender determination is very accurate

Our gender determination ultrasound are incredibly accurate – over the course of about two decades, we have an accuracy rate of 99.99% in determining gender via ultrasound. That means, on average, 1 out of 1000 customers has the negative experience of having us incorrectly determine their unborn baby’s gender (or genders if they are having twins or triplets). This is very low, which means that you can trust our ultrasound-based gender determination outcomes. 

Put another way, if we say it’s a boy, it’s a boy in 999 out of 1000 times. That is a very accurate rate for an elective ultrasound session to determine your unborn baby’s gender, and it means you can be confident that your gender check session will be accurate. Additionally, this rate is from about 14 weeks of pregnancy, which means we’re able to tell you very early whether you’re having a boy or a girl. 

If we want to find out whether you’re having a boy or a girl, there’s nothing better than ultrasound-based gender determination – it combines immediacy with accuracy and ton of convenience as same day appointments are typically available. Humans have wanted to know the genders of their unborn babies for thousands of years, and many myths, old wives tales, and superstitions have existed in all human cultures related to pregnancy and gender. Today, you can find out your baby’s gender quickly and easily with an RDMS licensed ultrasound in Los Angeles, CA. 

Los Angeles early gender determination from 12 weeks of pregnancy

We typically do these types of sessions from about 14 weeks of pregnancy, but we’ve are often able to determine the gender at 13 weeks and even at 12 weeks (although the is very rare).  If you can wait a week or two past that, however, it’s better – at 15 weeks of pregnancy and beyond, we’re typically more confident and there will be a small chance that we’ll invite you back for a double-check/re-confirm session (no charge).

Gender determination at your doctor’s office is another story, however. You may have to wait until you’re 18 weeks pregnant for your doctor’s office or OBGYN to tell you your baby’s gender. A lot of mothers just can’t wait, and we’re proud of provide Los Angeles and Southern California mothers-to-be the opportunity to find out their unborn baby’s gender as early as 12 weeks. 

We can still perform a gender determination ultrasound even if you're having twins or triplets

Yes. Our sonographer is very experienced, with two decades of 2D/3D/4D ultrasound experience on pregnant women from both the US and around the globe. This experience allows us to be very confident in our gender determination predictions/conclusions, so we’re definitely able to do gender check session on twins and triplets.

However, with twins or triplets, we may ask you to come a bit later (around 14 weeks to 15 weeks of pregnancy), so that we may be more confident in our conclusions. When you call to schedule your gender determination session, simply let us know that you’re having twins or triplets. If you don’t know (eg. we end up telling you you’re having twins or triplets during an ultrasound session at our office), then that’s perfectly fine as well – we’ll either be able to tell you your unborn babies’ genders, or we’ll have you come back for a free double-check/re-confirm session. 

We're experts at secret gender reveals - we won't tell, and we'll make sure you don't see

Yes – we do this all the time. Check out our secret gender check envelope below. It has the following important characteristics to make sure you don’t find out if it’s a boy or a girl until you’re supposed to:


  1. Thick non-see-through (opaque) parchment envelope – This is to make sure you don’t peak and to make sure anyone else who isn’t supposed to open the envelope can’t peak also. The thick parchment keeps the important information inside secure until it’s time to make the gender reveal prep. 
  2. Sealed envelope – The envelope is double sealed to make sure no one opens it, and to make the envelope a bit more tamper-evident. 
  3. Top secret ultrasound session – The ultrasound tech won’t turn not he main screens, so you won’t be able to see the actual ultrasound. You’re probably unlikely to tell, but if you have a very keen eye, you may accidentally see the gender and ruin your secret gender reveal surprise. We’ll do our best to prevent that. 
secret gender determination sealed envelop
secret gender check envelope

California has seem a boom in secret gender reveals – whether they be live reveals or gender reveal parties, or late-stage gender announcements, they are all the rage today. We’ve been helping Los Angeles expecting mothers and their families have this amazing and unique experience for years.

NOTE: Secret gender reveal ultrasound session is the same cost as a normal gender determination session (just let us know), but the above-referenced secret gender envelope is an additional cost ($15) and subject to availability. Call just ahead of time at (818) 243-7010 to inquire, and let us know at the time of booking that you would like this envelope. 

Our gender determination ultrasounds are very quick and very easy

Typically, a gender check session is very fast – it’s a 2D ultrasound and as soon as the sonographer is able to see the gender (visual confirmation), the session is effectively over. There’s almost no prep before the session, so a gender determination session can take as little as 2 min. However, it can take quite a bit longer, especially if there are factors that make it more difficult to see/determine. 

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